An enormous beast covered in writhing tentacles. They range in size from inconcievably massive (miles across) to merely enormous (20 to 30 yards across). Scientists theorize that Skyviathans are a byproduct of the lingering magical energy of the Great Uplifting and can live for centuries, slowly growing larger.

Skyviathans float through the air, propelled by pressurized gas released through valve-like structures on the central mass. Because of this gas, Skyviathans float on clouds and the denser air by the Abyss. They must actively work to maintain buoyancy at higher altitudes, similar to a swimmer treading water. Older Skyviathans have more trouble ascending, and the most ancient specimens can only rise through denser mediums such as dense cloudbanks.

Skyviathans are found at the upper reaches of the Abyss, although there is rumored to be an ancient and terrible specimen lurking somewhere near the center of the Cloudsea. Skyviathans are solitary creatures, each hunting a territory spanning hundreds of leagues.

Skyviathans feed on the larger creatures of Ticivorna and have been known to devour entire ships, crew and all.

Skyviathans attack their prey with their tentacles, battering and crushing the target into submission. When confronted with a strong foe or a large group, the Skyviathan will grapple its targets and return to the edge of the Abyss. Most creatures cannot handle the sudden increase in pressure and cannot maneuver in that area.

Other Notes:
Although Skyviathans are rarely seen among the populated islands of Ticivorna, their hunting patterns (rising from the depths, grabbing prey, and pulling them back down into the Abyss) and strength give them a fearsome reputation among the traders and explorers who travel the open sky.


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