Silas A18

I was hurt but functional after Breaker threw me through a wall and then effectively dropped a building on me and ten of Gus’s kids. I underestimated both his strength and his disdain for scams. I will not repeat that mistake again.

My first priority was triage. All things considered we got lucky. The Church of the Light Sister by some miracle (pun intended) brought two excellent doctors with her and most of the kids suffered injuries that could wait. An hour of work is all it took to stabilize the kids who were in immediate danger. I also made a token effort to talk Breaker out of trouble because the Sister had also brought the city guard but there wasn’t much I could do for him and, to be honest, his intentions and status as a crew mate aside, it’s difficult to summon the motivation to help someone who just dropped a building on you. Eventually Breaker pulled Article 19 on them which the guard wasn’t happy about but I imagine the Captain and Admiral won’t give him any choice.

After I confirmed with the doctors on scene that they could handle the remaining injuries I went off to square things with Gus under the pretense of finding someone to supervise the rebuilding of the “orphanage” and the care of the injured kids.

Gus wasn’t difficult to find. After explaining what happened and making him see that his best play was to go along with my scam, we negotiated half of my usual fee for me to introduce him to Sister (name) as my replacement. The Sister isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and I could see Gus licking his chops at the money he was about to embezzle from The Church of the Light.

Money in hand and children looked after, my only remaining task was to run back to the ship before they took off. I made it (barely) and after an epic lecture from the captain and a surprising apology from Breaker I spent the trip to Rustview recovering from my injuries and pondering the possibility of medicinally helping Thaddeus with his depression until some rough going in the tradewinds and a shortage of fuel forced us down on a remote island.

Silas A18

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