Russevaea is not so much a nation as it is a group of allied city-states connected by a shared language and proximity. Still, its vast forests and ancient ruins bring trade and travelers alike and keep Russevaea relevant on the world stage.

Russevaea is home to the Clockwork Phoenix and Myrskyta guilds.


Once every 4 years each city sends a representative to the Moot. There, matters of national policy are sorted out while the citizens compete to see which city is the best in a week-long competition spiced with beer, bickering, and brawling. Beyond that, the cities handle themselves. On rare occasions, an emergency Moot can be called, although this has not happened yet.


Russevaeans are a fiercely individualistic lot and the culture varies quite a bit from city to city. However, there are some commonalities. In general, Russevaeans are distrustful of centralized authority, proud of their heritage, and extremely competitive. Russevaeans also tend to be extremely loyal to clan and kin.

Russevaeans feel that war is a winter sport; fighting during the rest of the year interferes with growing and gathering enough food to survive. As such, those who start conflicts in the off-season are generally reviled as villains, united against, and destroyed utterly.

Magic is viewed as cursed, bringing misfortune to everyone nearby. As such, those who practice it are shunned (although some villages have more extreme reactions than others).


Although there is no unified Russevaean navy, the city militias will begrudgingly band together against a larger threat. Otherwise, each city handles trouble on its own.


100 Sky Founding of Russevaea Weary of decades of war, Roderic the Negotiator called together the leaders of warring city-states and declared the first Moot, establishing Russevaea as a unified nation
80 Sky – 100 Sky Winters’ War A war for supremacy between the city-states that spanned 20 winters and resulted in the destruction of 2 islands.

Geography and Notable Islands

Lots of fairly large, forested landmasses


Although the fishing isn’t great, Russevaeans can grow and hunt enough food to survive in the forested islands that dot the region. These forests also provide the most reliable and abundant source of lumber in Ticivorna. Russevaea is also home to an extremely high density of ancient ruins, attracting punks to the region.


Russevaea’s primary exports are lumber and other products derived from trees. Each city handles itself individually, however.


Notable Laws


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