Marcellus A7

Dearest Alicia,

It seems as if I will be with this crew for some time. I have a responsibility to see the Tyrant King put back down, and to make sure that these fools don’t get themselves killed on the way.

I especially need to keep a close eye on that fool of a wheel, Breaker. He keeps getting involved in business best left alone and picking fights with people just to see how close to dead he can be. It’s one way to feel alive, for sure, but is hardly a good method of staying that way. As for the others, it seems Myer, the Priestess, has some potential as a leader and I was surprised such a scholarly-minded man such as himself could maintain such a degree of self-control under stress.

The Fool Captain has been something of a non-entity since our return. The nightmares seems to be worse for him than any of us, saving maybe our resident Magician, Thaddeus. There is something about the engineer that I can’t seem to shake. He has the eyes of a killer, and had no issues shooting at the first sign of danger in the tomb, but when kidnapped and locked in a room with a brutal opponent, he could scarcely lift the lifeline I threw him, let alone pull the trigger.

As for chef Judgement – Miles – He remains as much of an enigma as ever. He cooks good food, to be sure, but he seemed to have disappeared to do his own thing once we returned. They went off to meet our next client, forgetting to bring me along, but it was Miles who came back for me riding… something without brakes. At least it shouldn’t take too much effort to smooth out that crack.

Our new client is a young lady by the name of Rachel, and she claims to be seeking out some heirlooms she lost on a excavation of some old ruins past Kingsport, So it looks like we will be out for a while. We set out tomorrow, but hopefully I will have more stories to share with you soon.

All my love

Marcellus A7

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