Marcellus A2

The architects seem to have built this place to keep intruders out, though that doesn’t seem to have stopped these damned bugs from making their own passages through the caves. You’d think folks like us would be smarter than to dive into somewhere whose entrance is marked with a pile of skulls taller than them and carvings of war, especially magical war. You would think, and you would be wrong every damn time.

We headed down some stairs to another room. This one also had a couple of the bug tunnels. I took myself a spot behind a statue with and kept a close eye on one of them with you. Meanwhile Myer gets the bright idea to smear some blood near the openings – the alchemist’s a clever guy, I’ll give him that. So he and breaker go to fetch some blood and the oaf brings back a whole fracking body of one of the big ones and just stuffs it in (I’m trying to steer clear of him at this point, guy just reeks of vinegar). Myer just coats the other side using blood he collected in a flask.

This gave us a little time to catch our breaths, me the captain and the mechanic, while the other three futzed around with some sort of magical ward. I could have warned them no good would come from playing with magic, but over the next couple hours they got themselves hit by rocks, made some shapes glow and got Breaker paralyzed more than once (I swear, bad luck follows that wheel around like his vinegar cologne). Eventually they decide to check the door at the back of this room. Stupid thing was unlocked the whole time. Makes me wonder why they didn’t just try that in the first place.

Next room was even more of a headache. A trap of some kind, involving stairs leading down to and up from the doors to a platform over a pit. Trap seemed deactivated when we passed over it, and Breaker went straight for the door. Like it would be that easy! Turns out the door was the trigger. Stairs dropped out to a smooth ramp, made myself, Miles, and Breaker fall into the pit, where we were greeted by a big ball of pain, quite literally. We managed to climb ourselves out, but not before Breaker managed to get the chef dragged back in for a second round. Of course the doors were locked so we were at the mercy of the trap until a bunch more of the big nasty bugs tunneled in through the wall, but of course, I’m on my last legs at this point. Alicia, please remind me why I always go looking for this sort of trouble…

Marcellus A2

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