Levidon is an isolated, independent, and fiercely proud nation led by its powerful navy. Levidon is cut off from the rest of Ticivorna by the Great Reef so travel to and from the nation is limited to a few known passes.

Levidon has no Free Cities and thus no guilds.


Levidon is a stratocratic unitary state where the government and the military are one and the same. The country is led by the Defense Council, made up of the leader of each wing of the armed forces and chaired by the High Admiral. They also have a monarch, although the royal family has only ceremonial powers.

It is worth noting that despite the strict hierarchy, there are 3 distinct factions waging a constant cold war punctuated with bloody coups. They are named for the noble families that serve as their de facto leaders:

Weal: Often viewed as the most politically savvy of the groups, the Weal family currently holds the most power in Levidon. They control the Queen’s Academy and have many loyal officers within the Navy. The Weal family values results above all else and teaches that the only dishonorable tactic is one which fails.

Kuusinen: A faction in decline, the Kuusinen family controls the prison mines along the Great Reef. Dour and grim, they preach that suffering and sacrifice are the only way to achieve a goal. Many of the nation’s finest infantry generals come from their ranks. Although they held significant standing due to their mineral wealth and blood ties to the royal family, the abduction of their hieress, Helena, by the Steel Knuckle Renegades and the subsequent collapse of the Howling Deeps mine have left them at a severe disadvantage.

Renton: The Renton family is on the rise. Controlling much of the ship-building in Levidon, they teach that honor is paramount.


Focus on public service and honor. Military service offers the same access and power as connections and wealth, although the nobility tends to resent this. Often, nobles subtly work to sabotage the careers of up-and-coming but common-born officers.

Crime and sedition are not tolerated in Levidon, and most criminals are sentenced to work the mines of the Great Reef. The length of the sentence is based on the severity of the crime. Although great pains are taken to keep the prison-mines and civilian mines separate, miners in general have a bad reputation as troublemakers and thugs.

Mages are exiled from Levidonian society and forbidden to interact with the general populace. There have been rumors of magic-users being employed in secret by the bickering families, but nothing has been proven.


The Levidonian Defense Fleet is perhaps the strongest fleet in the known world. Their iron ships and squads of trained riflemen are known world-wide for their discipline and destructive power. The fleet is divided into several different arms, each with a different specialty.

Scouts: The Scouts are a group of light jet craft that are primarily used for reconaissance missions. The flagship, the Eye of the Storm, is said to have a unique propulsion system that lets it fly faster than sound.

Iron Legion: The Legion consists of Levidon’s ground forces and the ships that carry them. The largest vessels of the Fleet, the lighter-than-air ships of the Iron Legion carry troops and supplies in Levidon’s larger campaigns. The flagship, the Behemoth, is large enough to serve as a mobile docking platform for the smaller ships of the fleet.

Birds of Prey: A squadron of winged ships designed for air-to-air combat. The Garuda is equipped with massive harpoons capable of tearing a ships engines off its frame.


Lots of wars—most of them internal, but the occasional violent purge burning its way across Ticivorna. Levidon rarely engaged in wars of conquest, however—colonies are more trouble to defend than they are worth.

Geography and Notable Islands

Great Reef The collection of reefs that surrounds Levidon
Atlas The tallest known shelf


Levidon has decent fishing and agricultural resources, enough to sustain its population. Levidon has the richest deposits of metals in the known world; these iron, copper, and cavorite mines allow Levidon to field the largest and most advanced fleet in Ticivorna. Most of this mineral wealth is locked in the Great Reef.


Levidon’s economy is largely self-contained, as the Great Reef and the isolationist culture discourage trade. Although it is not required, most businesses seek to work with the military; a military contract is seen as the mark of a successful business.


Solitude – A small farming town at the outer ring of Levidon’s borders.

Notable Laws

Council Order 968: Punk Investigation Procedures Act
Order 968 requires that all punks be escorted by a Levidonian naval vessel while flying in Levidonian airspace. Compliance is mandatory. Unescorted ships will be refused landing permission until a naval crew can arrive to inspect the ship and interrogate the crew. In the event that incriminating material is found, the vessel and crew will be impounded until a formal inquiry can be completed. Vessels ditching their escorts will be considered enemy combatants and treated as such.



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