Indyna is home to the Steamsoul guild.


Indyna is divided into 3 largely independent sultanates. Each sultan, swears fealty to Indyna’s Caliph, the supreme ruler of the land. In practice, the Sultans are given a great deal of freedom in ruling their respective lands.

(NAME0) rules the desert region.

(NAME1), leader of the Bakhist church, controls the central mountains.

(NAME2) controls the fertile lands of the south.

Caliph Suleman the Wise oversees the whole of the nation from his palace, Har Hamikdash, on the island of Scheherazade.


Extensive merchant class which is closely watched/controlled by the rulers, while commoners are largely controlled by the merchants.

Bahkist church is kind of a big deal.

There are rumors of primitive tribes living deep within the jungles of the far south, although thus far no punks who’ve gone to explore it have returned.

Mages are viewed with suspicion and fear and heavily watched by the (NAME3), a secretive society said to answer directly to the Caliph.


Primarily infantry, limited use of firearms or other ranged weapons. There’s a focus on mobility and close-range combat. Fleet consists of small, fast ships that use hit-and-run tactics.

Scheherazade is protected by its 1001 Knights. Thier ranks include swordsmen, saboteurs, spies, and ship pilots.


Geography and Notable Islands

Divided into 2 major regions (desert and jungle). The desert dominates the northern half of the nation, while dense jungle covers the south. The two are roughly seperated by a chain of several large mountain-islands.

The desert region has Scheherazade, the largest island in the known world and the only one to host multiple cities. It’s one of the few islands large enough to have its own self-contained weather patterns; frequent sandstorms make flying over the island a risky endeavor.


Breadbasket of Ticivorna; agriculture is prevalent in the fertile half the region while the desert region has the best fishing in the known world.

There are few diving locations in the nothern deserts, but there rumors of ancient, untouched treasures in the jungles of the south. Hushed tales are spoken of wonders such as the Fountain of Youth, the Tower of Zoar, and the City of Brass.


Indyna’s economy is primarily powered by trade, especially the export of foodstuffs and salt. Although there are laws against outright slavery, there is an extensive grey market which provides nobles of various nations with servents.


Notable Laws


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