Engea is a fairly cosmopolitan and prosperous nation famous for its airship construction yards and opulent noble class.

Engea is home to the Gestalt guild.


Engea is a monarchy. The current monarch is Queen Isabella II, famed for helping to create the League of Guilds. This and the fact that Engea lays claim to Rustview makes Engea one the most active nations on the world stage. Engean diplomats, representatives, and nobles on holiday are a common sight in the greater cities of the other nations.


Engea is strongly stratified into social classes. The nobility places a great deal of importance on fashion and decorum, while the working classes tend to be extremely insular and suspicious of outsiders.

Mages are feared and reviled, and the Inquisitors of the Church of the Light actively work to root out and silence any who use, research, or otherwise interact with magic.


The Engean Navy. Fairly strong.

The Queen’s Hand: A special division of the Engean Military charged with carrying out less scrupulous missions, such as a Zero Sum Order


3rd of Aries, 141 Sky League of Guilds Established Queen Isabella II hosts a summit that establishes the League of Guilds and its associated laws.
23rd of Leo, 140 Sky Battle of Brasende A small battalion of punks, led by Commander Louis Birch, assaulted Engea’s capital city, Brasende. Queen Isabella II succeeded her mother, Queen Isabella I, sometime during the battle and surrendered unconditionally only a few hours later.

Geography and Notable Islands


Engea has decent fishing and agricultural resources, including the largest number of vinyards in Ticivorna. Engea’s primary source of wealth, however, are is its mineral resources: the Glittering Isles are have the richest known mines for gold, silver, and other precious metals. Engea also has decent technological resources in the form of the several prominent scrapyard islands, some modern and some ancient.


Engea’s primary exports are airships and luxury items, especially jewelery and wine. Engea’s expansive and wealthy noble class are the driving force behind the Engean economy, and the vagaries of fashion trends affect the economy on a national scale.


Brasende – Capital city of Engea.

Hammerfall – An industrial near the southern edge of Engea. It is home to the Gestalt Guild Hall.

Kingsport – A large commercial trading city belonging to the nation of Engea

Rustview – A city that was built on a floating plateau. Well-known as a manufacturing hub for the vast majority of airship components in Engea and for the Guilfoil Vineyards, which produces some of the strongest spirits in all of Ticivorna.

Sunsail – A medium-sized trading city in Engea on one of the more fertile land-masses. Most important export is wine, owing to the large vineyards nearby. Has one of Engea’s largest universities, specializing in the physical sciences and medicine.

Notable Laws

Article 3: Prohibition of Arcana.
The practice of magic is punishable by death

Article 19: Naval Service Deferment Act.
Individuals currently participating in an Engean naval operation cannot be detained against the orders of their commanding officer if doing so would jeopardize the completion of the mission

Subsection 6 of this act authorizes local authorities to request confirmation from the commanding officer before releasing the individual in question.


Birch’s Battle Never Ended


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