Ebenezar Epilogue

[This is an outline rather than an in-character epilogue. If needed, I’ll make it more flavorful later]

After mages were welcomed into the Guild, Ebenezar decided that it was high time he pulled his anchor out of Rustview. With Jord’s help, he converted his shop into a shop ship and formed his own crew dedicated to uncovering lost treasures.

When Marcellus was shot and war was declared, his Dives took on a more martial tone. Once the war began in earnest, all frivolous punk activities were suspended—Ebenezar’s crew was one of the only ones still allowed to conduct Dives.

Ebenezar’s primary mission is to supply the Guilds—especially Guild mages—with magitech. As the war dragged on, however, he began to devote his efforts to finding a wonder weapon that could end the war. HIs current quest is to find the Golems of [civilization]. One of the few nations that could rival the Ashurtan empire of old, the [civilizatoin] relied on its armies of unliving soldiers in times of conflict. Just one of the ancient automatons could alter the course of a battle, and ancient texts (and chats with the four Kings) have led Ebenezar to believe that somewhere in the skies an entire army lies slumbering.

On a more personal level, Ebenezar is deeply troubled by the war. He feels like all of the killing and terror is a pointless waste, and he worries that Punks will never be able to recover their carefree existence even if they win. He also hates that he is no longer searching just to satisfy his own curiosity. He hopes that he can help end the war faster by finding a weapon so strong the nations will have to surrender; he worries that without that the war would only end when one side was completely annihilated.

Ebenezar Epilogue

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