Breaker Epilogue

[ NOTE: this is just the outline—i’ll attempt to convert it to in-character later]

After the induction of mages into the Guilds, Breaker doubled his efforts at training a new generation of Spellbreakers. He has successfully founded a school for the tradition in a remote section of Indyna and has found someone he considers a worthy successor.

The Spellbreakers serve as the police force of the magic community, protecting mages and non-mages alike from magic run amok. They are a vital part of attempts to find and recruit fledgling mages, preventing casualties when someone’s powers go out of control.

Breaker was training his most promising pupil when Marcellus was shot. When he heard that war was declared, he proclaimed that the pupil was successor and set out to find Ahab. With the old salt’s help, Breaker recovered the Argos and brought it to the Steel Knuckles’s former home, an island deep in the heart of a Crosswinds. Using the equipment and supplies gathered over their storied career, the Argos was restored to its former glory and then further enhanced.

Breaker and a crew of hardened volunteers who share his knack for cheating death set out in the Argos to begin a one-ship campaign of sabotage and disruption in Levidon. Under the cloak of a mage-made storm, the Argos soon reclaimed its reputation as a cursed ship, crewed by vengeful ghosts. Although they never cause any significant damage to Levidon’s navy, the combination of Levidon’s volatile politics and intel from an unknown inside source have have helped lock the core of Levidon’s fleets out of the wider war.

Breaker and his crew are almost completely unsupported beyond their anonymous source (they don’t know his identity to prevent his capture). Although the winds carry them occasional messages from Luft and the Guilds, the crew of the Argos knows that they are too far behind enemy lines to be rescued should they get into trouble. Still, on rare occasions the Guilds will send aid in the form of specialized equipment or a spare ship to help hit a major target.

On a more personal note, Breaker is unsurprised that there is conflict between the nations and the Guilds, but he wasn’t expected a full fledged world war. However, he can’t deny that he always expected that the old order would need to be torn down by force. Although he’d finally found peace in starting the Spellbreaker’s school, he feels that his true role is to tear down the barriers of the past so that the next generation has room to make their own future. As for individuals, Breaker is sad that he wasn’t there when Marcellus died, but he accepts that regrets just weigh a person down.

Breaker Epilogue

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