Breaker A5

We finally found the burial chamber, Sky, and I have to give the Ashurtan’s some credit: they know how to build some menacing status. Turns out it was a statue of the Ashurtan’s gods, the big man in the pantheon. Because debating religion is never worth the time, especially with zombies, we offered the thing some respect and some blood—although I refuse to kneel to that statue or anything else. We’ve fought too hard for our freedom to let someone else own our lives. Anyway, the Ashurtan’s must’ve enchanted that gaudy bastard since the statue took the blood and patched us up with some magic.

It better’ve just been a spell… I’ve got enough to deal with without needing to kill a god or two along the way.

Anyway, after we dealt with the god we found an expensive-looking sarcophagus. We were going to just take the whole thing with us, but the gearjockey had to take a peek inside. No crown; just a pissed-off sorcerer king with a god complex and a magical shield. And you know what the first thing he says, after years of being trapped in a asleep? “Where’s my crown?” Well, you know how much I hate draugr, especially when they get uppity, and I lost my temper.

After having my fist bounce right of his shield, he tried some sort of control spell. He wormed his way into my head and started telling me to kill the crew. Kill my own bloody crew! You know as well as I do, Sky, that despite my temper there’s only a few things that’ll make me kill a man. Right there, he did every damned one of them. I punched a hole his shield, but the wrinkly bastard teleported away. He taunted us a while, saying how he was “too big for the world.” I think I’ll take some to show him just how wrong he is when I pound him back into the grave.

Breaker A5

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