Breaker a13

This is the stream-of-consciousness outline. I hope to tidy it up into a proper journal post over the weekend. —BW
(S)OAP (A)ND (W)ATER graduating to (A)NTI Inflamatory with (D)ebridement in emergencies


Thanks Silas, you drunk, drunk person.

Silas is a former grifter, lost his daughter Elyn to an infected cut from a group of pirates.

Breaker likes him; he sees a kindred in the doctor.

He’s joining the group.

Claire gave us a map, and Thaddeus is in love (with her and the ship). She’s an ally now.

If we’re going to start diving, we’re going to need some equipment. The ship’s not ready, but when it is we might need to visit the island.

Breaker needs to focus on improving again—you only get one punch.

Breaker a13

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