Breaker A10

The text is almost as clear as the first few entries. A few letters are still somewhat shaky, but overall it’s quite legible

We finished up our little chat with Claire and set out for the island. Myer brought up a good point, though—this’ll be a great fight, but excitement doesn’t pay for fuel. Claire promised us a “suitable reward,” though. We’ll have to see about that.

We finally had to confront the Captain about his smoking problem. Like I told him, he either needs to beat his addiction or get a better pipe—can’t lead a crew blacked out on a bed. He’s a good enough soldier that I know he’ll be back.

We reached the island fortress under the cover of darkness. There’s a forest between us and the front door, so we should have some breathing room before they get to us. Whatever else happens, tomorrow morning’s going to be a story worth telling.

Breaker A10

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