Take to the skies in search of treasure, fame, and glory!

In an uprooted world, the few survivors of a great apocalypse build a new civilization on the floating island remnants of the Old World. They begin reinventing technology that is free of the bounds of magic, and soon find themselves beholding wondrous steampunk technology, not the least of which are airships that allow them to explore beyond the boundaries of their small chunks of land, discovering the world once more.

As the rebirth of human civilization begins to reach its climax, Guilds have formed, full of souls driven to take to the skies to explore new lands, seek out lost treasures and secrets of the Old World, or otherwise engage in whatever adventurous goal sparks their wanderlust. From fearless sky captains braving uncharted lands to eccentric engineers ever-seeking inspiration for their latest gadget or gizmo, everyone aboard a guild ship seeks one thing in common: to go beyond what anyone has done before.

This is a world where dreams and ambitions are the foundation and building blocks of the world; a world where anyone with the right attitude can accomplish seemingly-impossible feats; a world where idling and doing nothing at all is akin to a mortal sin; but most of all this is a world where limits exists to be broken at all costs. This is Ticivorna!

Skies of Ticivorna

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