The World-Breaking Fist, Viśva tōṛanē muṭṭhī in the old tounge of Indyna, is a martial arts discipline from before the Great Uplifiting.

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Based on the idea of efficiency of force: never use two blows if one would suffice. Focused on single exchanges rather than combos or tactics; very present-minded. Also teaches that power without control is worthless; rather than swinging harder one should refine where and how they are swinging. Two discreet schools, Broken Earth (Viṣama zamīna) and Shattered Sky (Bikhara ākāśa). Broken Earth is the boxing stance, based on overpowering, targeted blows. Shattered Sky is the judo stance, built around counters, throws, and battering opponents with their own attacks. Only one man in recent memory has mastered both (Breaker’s master), he became a recluse and faded into legend after his successor declared that “the most efficient use of force is no force at all,” advocating mental discipline over physical (using the fighting stances of Shattered Sky as meditation techniques and stopped teaching Broken Earth altogether) and a path of pacifism. The old master felt that fighting was the flames that strengthened the body and spirit and thus did not approve; further, he felt that focusing on one style over the other robbed the student of the soul of the art. Breaker uses a bastardized style, based on the fundamentals of the discipline but altered by his own self-made techniques—he isn’t even aware that it’s a formal fighting style.

Breaker hasn’t been to the monastery (Ākāśa maṭha), but totally should visit.


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