Like most societies, Ticivorna has a number of religious entities with varying amounts of influence.

Ashurtan Pantheon
The Ashurtan Pantheon is a now-extinct polytheistic religion practiced by the Ashurtans. The legends surrounding this pantheon are said to predate the Sky calendar, but that has yet to be proven one way or another.

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Bakhism is the dominant religion of the province of Indyna. Their primary tenant of faith is that the Skies of Ticivorna represent the earth being transformed in to heaven. The Cataclysm was the result of the sky god, Bakhti, finally defeating the god of the watery depths, Olnam. Prior to the Cataclysm, Olnam held the life of the world hostage, threatening to flood the world and drown its inhabitants. During a terrible rain that covered all of (province), Bakhti saw that Olnam was going ahead with his plan, so Bakhti liberated humans by raising up the land to meet the sky, keeping them safe from Olnam’s clutches. Unfortunately, many souls were lost in the ensuing battle as a testament to the evil of Olnam and his belligerent ways.

The Bakhists, with their love of the sky, have made many innovations in the development of airships and they utilize their ships extensively. Trading, whaling, and exploring are all activities that Bakhists excel at, though divers are ostracized and even killed for their “love of Olnam”.

Bakhists are thought of as having good luck with the winds and weather because of their close connection with Bakhti.

Keepers of the Light

The Keepers of the Light are a monotheistic religion based primarily in Engea. They worship the Light, a god they believe was responsible for creating mankind. The Keepers hold that the source of all magic and evil is the Darkness; not a god or devil, but a force of nature that saps away at the light in the world and leads man astray. A classic theological debate among Keepers is whether the Light is a force opposite the Darkness or an actual omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent deity. What they do agree on is that the Light must shine through each human and banish the darkness to The Abyss and below.

The Keeper’s power and relevance in the region is directly dependent on the political aspirations of their leader, the Master Keeper, as well as their council of Archkeepers.

The Keepers have a cathedral in every major city in Engea as well as the capitals of the other nations and the Guild Cities. Most villages in Engea have a Keeper church as well, especially those closer to the Engean capital of Brasende. Their cathedrals feature high stone walls, flying buttresses, and massive unstained windows. A series of mirrors direct sunlight to an orb high above the pulpit which shines brightly on the whole catheral.

The Keepers are fiercely anti-magic and believe magic to be the cause of the Cataclysm. As such they are devoted to stamping out any practice they consider to be a form of magic or magecraft. A small sect holds that alchemy is a form of magic. This sect was led largely by Archkeeper Davion, who was on the Council from 131 Sky until his death in 141 Sky. After his death, alchemy was taught formally in universities once again. No significant regulations on alchemy have been passed since Davion’s death.

Most punks are independent and care little for matters of theology. Because of this and their somewhat transient nature, few are affiliated with any church or religious community. The Keepers employ a small fleet of airships to carry out official business for the Church – mostly transportation and trade. Those who fly these ships have been dubbed LightPunks or PunkLights by other punks.


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