Steel Knuckles

Common Knowledge

An unlucky band of renegades that, save for the captain, all met their end while whaling the Argos



The Bethany. Missing, presumed lost.


Captain, Helmsman: Robert “Breaker” Stormsail
Second-in-Command: Sara “Hawk” Lieman – missing, presumed dead
Navigator: Skysong Summerwind- missing, presumed dead
Gunner: Thomas “Flash” Milton – missing, presumed dead
Mechanic: Timothy “Lugnut” Perkins – missing, presumed dead

Notable Exploits

  • Started the Clockwork Phoenix Exam Riot
  • Won several competitions in the 15th Moot (later revoked for allegedly destroying an Elder Tree)
  • Battled Captain Inquart of Myrskyta in the Southern Reef
  • Sank the Twisted Spire islands
  • Incited and repelled the draugr invasion of the Great Temple of Bakhti
  • Recovered “dragon bones” from the Russevaean brigand fortress of Peterhausen
  • Captured the pirate Donnovan “Mad Dog” Murphy (later released as they were actually hired to find his brother)
  • Gathered supplies for the failed Steamsoul Autonomous Walker project
  • Caused the Kuusinen Incident

Steel Knuckles

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