Silas A27

The attack on lower Rustview was drawing closer to upper Rustview. The captain finally made the first prudent decision I have seen by getting us out of the inn before we picked fights with the entire Rustview gentry. We still, however, had no information regarding the crown’s location.
I suggested that the city’s antique industry might know who has Ashurta’s crown or at least be able to point us towards those in the city most interested in acquiring it. The crew agreed and we headed into the market district. Once again I was awed. While Kingsport has a much busier market, it’s prosperity paled in comparison to Upper Rustview.

We found an antique shop and the proprietor, an older gentleman named Ebenezer, face planted as he came over to help. We asked about the crown, and who might be interested in Ashurtan artifacts. He agreed to do some research for us and pointed us towards a noble who happened to be the father of the moron we killed at the entrance to the spire. The captain suggested getting there ahead of the news and we all agreed. Ebenezer for his part strongly suggested we buy something. Breaker, to my discomfort, asked for a book on magic which ended up being priced in the thousands, way out of our price range. The talk then turned to tipping Ebenezer which pissed me off. It was Ebenezer’s fault for giving us information before getting payment and I argued but Breaker felt we owed a debt and insisted we pay. I didn’t argue because I didn’t feel like being put through another wall.

We made it to the nobleman’s house and, learning from the last time we crossed paths with Nobles, I kept my mouth shut and let the captain do the talking. We got nowhere and soon left and returned to the Inn to plan our next move.
We decided to return to Ebenezer in the morning. We had to wake him up as he’d been up all night researching Ashutan artifacts. After a bit of discussion we discerned that the crown was likely underneath Rustview’s spire. The man practically fell over himself to come along with us and, again, the crew was wondering how much we could pay HIM. It’s no wonder this crew is always broke.

Anyway we agreed (cough) that this was an arrangement of mutual interest and are planning to enter the spire in the morning.

Silas A27

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