Silas A26

I was tending to brother whatshisface when the captain suggested we head to the spire to get into Upper Rustview to find the crown. I agreed to go as my patient was sleeping and the only danger he was in was from his own magic.

The gates were guarded by the same two idiots as the last time we tried to crash the Nobles party. I was about to game the pampered prats but before I could it was the Captain who decided to blow smoke – only he meant it literally.

Smoke, from his pipe, enveloped the spire and with my limited visibility I watched the crew get ready for battle. I stood frozen as I heard the sickening crack of breaking bone and the sound of gunfire.

When the smoke cleared (again, literally) the Captain had been stabbed in the gut and the two guards lay dead. One of the guards had his face literally smashed and I could swear it was Breakers fists and not Marcellus guns that caused it. At least one of the dead kids was a nobleman’s son which makes two major cities of Engea where we have committed felonies. We’re going to go from adventurers to outlaws very fast.

Once we ascended the spire I got my first look at upper Rustview and I have never seen anything like it. The wealthiest section of Kingsport looked like a beggars alley next to the pristine streets, gigantic shops, and sprawling estates here. It was apparent we’d need to be better dressed if we hoped to find the crown here. We spent the bulk of our money dressing the Captain like a noble and the rest of us like his servants before heading to a pub for some information.

The bar was full of Rustview nobility and, for once, my best course of action would be to keep my mouth shut. We followed the Captain around while he unsuccessfully attempted to question the patrons about the crown. We did manage to spot a few Nobles playing Breakers who were so horribly bad at the game that I convinced the Captain to play them and wager against some information.

The Nobles were reluctant to let the captain play and their attitude began to grate on me. Eventually it became too much and I insulted their play, at which point they threatened me which the crew did not take kindly to. After a few more choices words the captain was challenged to a duel which he was honor bound to accept.

The duel was a standard twenty paces pistol duel and the Captain, thankfully, obeyed protocol. After marking off the paces they turned and fired with the captain shooting his opponent in the leg. I can’t see where the captain might have erred and all of the rules seem to have been followed. I, however, cannot shake the feeling that the repercussions will be beyond our capacity to resolve.

Silas A26

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