Silas A23

Fucking Lekem. I’ve been walking around for days with barely a bite to eat and say too much fear to sleep. Various uneasy feelings have overcome me at times and running away from fireballs sucks. I need to learn how to fight.

After yet more hours walking around aimlessly, during which I seriously considered jumping off the edge of the island, a sign of hope appeared in the sky. I spotted the Peregrine hovering and made a beeline for it (well, as much of a beeline as possible given that magical walls had a bad habit of appearing in front of me). After what seemed like weekend the ship was finally overhead and I climbed a lowered rope ladder to get on board where Captain Anne and her crew welcomed me. I tended to Captain Myer who had sustained injuries in a fight and welcomed a night of much needed food and rest.

We woke the next day to plan our next move when the ship was boarded by Draghr. As is typical for me in combat situations, I crapped my pants and found myself unable to move. It took a bit of time for me to snap out of it, and when I did the intense battle was already going in full swing.

Since I have no idea how to fight (something I need to remedy quickly) I figured my best chance was rough make my way to the steam walkers. Even if I couldn’t figure out how to work it, I would be protected by its armor. I finally made my way to it when some type of magical shift occurred and one of the Draghr shifted. Into Breaker.

Silas A23

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