Myer A29

For the first time since joining the guild, my confidence was broken. I fired a shot right at the mage’s skull and it just bounced off as if a child threw a marble. One by one we fell, and it seemed like the end. And then we all rose, judged somehow pure by the god-kings of the Spire.

I almost don’t even want to question why. If I do, I fear I might wake up from a dream, and then find myself imprisoned or a slave of the undead or some worse fate.

But the best I can piece together is that we came in contact with Brann, an Utførelse of Ashurta. A human embodiment of the undead king. He had the power to control fire. We have come across magic before, but never before wielded by a human. This means that it is possible for a human to use magic… but at what cost? Must you become a slave to Ashurta to gain this power? I can be a slave to no one. It goes against everything I stand for as a punk and a scientist.

At the end of the day, though, we seemed to be okay thanks to Lurtaan’s blessing and Breaker’s epic struggle to wrest the cord from Brann. We now have a piece of Ashurta’s crown, and no debt to give it to any one. If it’s as powerful for us as it was for Brann, nobody will be messing with Breaker any time soon.

Myer A29

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