Marcellus A33

Dearest Alicia,

Hopefully this message reaches you, I asked the guard to burn this letter so it will reach you. Whether or not he does is a matter of conscience on his part now.

It seems that high-ranking nobles do not take well to death threats. The Lord of Rustview has had me arrested for my persuasive speech about why he should cancel the Zero Sum Order. At least the order did get rescinded in the end. I hope you are proud of me. I suspect my sentence will not be too harsh, since I can easily prove I had no intent to kill by noting the Crozier still draws breath. As long as our time with Red Jack and my time as a professional assassin do not come up.

On that note, it also seems that The Wheel has been turning longer than i thought, and apparently he has also built a rap sheet of his own, internationally no less. He was taken to a higher-security area than the Priestess, now the target of a witch hunt, and myself. The three of us have since been moved to a prison in Kingsport and separated from one another.

It seems right now that the best case involves me spending the next few years relaxing in here and the worst is that I’ll see you soon. Not terrible options, all in all.

With all my love,

Marcellus A33

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