Marcellus A25

Dearest Alicia,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since we’ve talked, but things have been difficult, to say the least, and I’m afraid I haven’t the time for all the details.

It seems the time has come that we again find ourselves facing down the ancient sorcerer, Ashurta. He trapped us in some sort of sick game, forcing us to hunt each other like animals. Men like him, those that believe themselves to be gods, are the most dangerous of all. Engaging, driven, and so mad with power that neither they nor their followers can see the madness for what it is.

This man has laid siege to, destroyed the homes and lives of, and even ended the life of hundreds, if not thousands of innocents. And the nobles that seal themselves off, they are even worse — not even worth my time to put a bullet in their skull. I find myself surrounded by men who wish to see people tear apart those they live with and care for, and that is one thing I cannot stand for.

We believe that Ashurta’s goal is a fragment of the crown. Our only trouble now is figuring out which of those highborn bastards of Upper Rustview is holding it, getting in there, taking it, and leading the draugr king head first into my sights. Hopefully the Fool has a good plan to get up the spire, otherwise I fear we will be reunited before I can keep my promise, though perhaps that would not be so bad…

With all my love,

Marcellus A25

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