Written below are the events leading up to and occuring on 12 Capricorn, 164 Sky, known locally as the “Kussinen Incident.”

20 Sagittarius: The Kuusinen family announces the betrothal of the heiress, Helena, to the warden of the Howling Deeps mine, Colonel Clarence Pentecost.

25 Sagittarius: Helena Kuusinen purchases tickets to an upcoming concert by singer Skysong Summerwind

28 Sagittarius: Robert “Breaker” Stormsail receives a contract to escort an unnamed noble out of Levidon; he accepts as as the Steel Knuckles will be in the area for the concert anyway

12 Capricorn, 6:00 PM: Helena leaves the Kuusinen home with several changes of clothes and the family’s hierloom jewelery.

12 Capricorn, 8:00 PM: Breaker convinces the concert hall’s guards to let him watch the back door, saying they could either let him help or have him knock them out and take their posts.

12 Capricorn, 11:00 PM: Helena sneaks out of the concert and meets with Breaker behind the concert hall. Seeing Farah Calle, Helena’s bodyguard/handmaid, Helena tells Breaker that they need to run. After she breaks a heel running, Breaker picks up Helena and carries her to the ship. Witnessed by Clarence Pentecost.

13 Capricorn, 12:00 AM: The Bethany leaves port with Helena aboard. The Caged Falcon, Pentecost’s ship, takes off in immediate pursuit.

13 Capricorn, 1:00 AM: Farah Calle throws Breaker off the side of Bethany. The ship does a sharp nosedive, dropping several crates of experimental explosives over the edge.

13 Capricorn, 1:15 AM: Boom.

13 Capricorn, 1:30 AM: Taking advantage of the confusion, the 3rd Great Riot began.

13 Capricorn, 2:30 AM: After a brief aerial skirmish, the Chained Falcon is forced to disengage and return to the prison to quell the riot.

13 Capricorn, 5:45 AM: After hours of fighting, the riot is suppressed when the main shaft of the mine collapses.

20 Capricorn: The Steel Knuckles drop Helena and Farah in the town of Aleysk in Russevaea. Breaker only takes a small portion of the offered payment because accepting stolen, recognizable royal jewlery is stupid. The Steel Knuckles give the pair some advice, some supplies, and the name of a good fence.

25 Capricorn: Helena buys a ship with the profits from the jewelry and forms the Terä tytöt renegades. Farah serves as pilot and first mate. They are presumed to still be in Rusevaea.


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