Kingsport is the second-largest city in Engea, rivaled only by the capitol, Brasende. It is from here that all major trade with Indyna and Russavea is carried out. It’s citizens live a modest but workable life running the docks and working shops for the local nobility. A significant portion of the city’s revenue comes from trading fees and taxes on import and export goods.


Kingsport is laid out in the the shape of two concentric pentagons. The inner marks the castle district while outer marks the city limits. If one were to draw a line from point to point on these pentagons, the lines bordering the area between the inner and outer would roughly mark the the territory of the 5 other districts.

Castle District

Despite it’s name, this are is littered with palacial mansions in which the local nobles reside in addition to the castle.

Traveler’s District

starting at 1 o’ clock and moving clockwise, the fist district is where the largest amount of Engean Traffic comes from. The group here is very homogenous and tends to be wary of outsiders.

[[Traveler’s District – Kingsport]]

Bazaar District

This district houses the fewest and smallest docking space in favor of housing more trading carts. Market space is at a premium in this district.

Trader’s Terrace

This marvel of engineering has carved a series of terraces steppes into the island to maximize the number of simultaneous traders that can be managed at once. Each terrace level focuses on a different kind of good, varying from passengers to parts to fresh food and water. This is often the liveliest of the 5 commoner districts.

The Seafront District

One can always see the Western Cloudsea by facing the docks in this port. Unfortunately, because of the difficulty for ships to land in this area, the entire district has always suffered economic hardship. It is something of the black sheep district of Kingsport and is particularly known for its prolific seedy

Cloud District

Because of it’s location, there are no docs here. Instead the middle-class make their lives here. Also here are many classic Engean theatres. Many of the merchants who work in the Bazaar district and even some lower-rank nobles live in this district. It is also home to some of nicest inns in the city.


Kingsport was founded where the Traveler’s District now lies. As Kingsport grew into an elite trading city the nobles retreated inward for some privacy from the masses that were arriving daily and the other districts grew and prospered from the traffic.

The first Duke of Kingsport, [[:Duke Esmond Borden Conolly]], established the city on a writ from the Queen (date here) for his loyalty during her ascent to the throne. He encouraged commerce by abolishing trade tariffs, levying low taxes, and investing much of his considerable wealth to modernize and maintain the city’s airship docks. His investments paid off and Esmond lived to see Kingsport become the world’s largest trading city.

The First Districting

The commerce, while filling the Duchy’s coffers nicely, made Kingsport a less than ideal location to host the Kingdom’s aristocracy. Beginning with Esmond’s son [[:Duke Claude Tohy Conolly]] and continuing to this day, most nobles in Kingsport spend little time in the city and prefer their residences in Brasende or Rustview. However, Engean nobility does occasionally grace the streets of Kingsport and, for such occasions, Claude ordered a castle built some miles away from the center of commerce. Most of Kingsport’s nobility soon followed and Claude ordered the castle and neighboring estates surrounded with a pentagonal wall, partially for defense and partially as separation from the commoners.

Notable Figures


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