Hammerfall is an industrial Free City near the southern border of Engea. It is known especially for its fine metallurgy, fashioning a variety of metals in a variety of sized out of ore harvested from the Hammerfall Mines in the warrens district.


Hammerfall is a layered city carved into the hull of a stone island. Each layer is considered it’s own district. The districts are connected by large stairways at the far ends of the city as well as elevators strategically placed for convenience.

Plaza District

The upper Plaza level holds the docks, acts as a kind of common ground among locals, and most importantly, seats the famous Gestalt Guild Hall. On most days it is not terribly busy and the majority of its traffic comes from punks going to and from the guild hall, but during times of celebration it is said that the density of people in the plaza is almost paralyzing. A few particularly wealthy individuals own manors here.

Hospitality District

Just below the plaza district lies the hospitality district, so named for the number of inns and taverns in the area. Most business in the city is also conducted here because most shop owners prefer working away from the smells of the lower districts. Most visitors spend the majority of their time here as well as the punks who need a place to rest themselves. The city hall is located at the center of the hospitality district. Most of the middle and upper-class make their home here as well.

The Foundry District

The foundry district is perpetually lit by the orange glow of molten metal and stained with the sharp smell of burning ore. Numerous metallurgy shops line the streets, most notably the factory known as Tain’s Cogworks, which takes up almost 20% of the real estate in the district. Ventilation systems built into the island funnel the smoke and fumes around the hospitality and plaza districts so that the upper levels are not burdened by the smell or residue of the soot. Those who cant afford homes in the upper levels make their residence here.

The Warrens District

The lowest level of Hammerfall looks very little like a city. Barring the offices of a couple mining companies, there are not permanent structures in this district. It is here that the majority of the lower class and even some middle-classmen toil away in the mines that run all through the island, harvesting the seemingly endless veins of ore that are buried deep beneath the city proper.

Notable Figures

Jimmy Carpenter – Dock foreman and the best shipwright in town.

Molric Tain – The wealthiest man in the city. Molric was originally an Engean noble who moved to hammerfall near the time of its founding and to make his fortune as the proprietor of Tain’s Cogworks, now the most prominent metalworking factory in the city.

Guildmaster Charles Finley – Leader of Gestalt and overseer of the city council. He takes great pride in both his guild and his city and is said to be quite welcoming of strangers, so long as they play by his rules.


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