The world of Ticivorna is both vast and mysterious, and many tasks are beyond the scope of or capabilities of the common man. Jobs and tasks that are to dangerous or require specialized skills or require access to resources or technology the average downer simply does have are hardly uncommon, and the earliest punks learned to make a comfortable living taking on these risky businesses. Over time, crews banded together and formed what would come to be known as guilds.

Guilds allowed punks a way to aggregate jobs, making easier both for them to find work and for the downers to request work. Guilds able to accomplish the most incredible tasks began gaining reputations as heroes and paragons, while other, less capable guilds faded into the annals of history.

However, not all guilds were paragons; as greedy, power hungry punks caught on to the idea of strength in numbers, they would band together and form guilds that abused the power they possessed and preyed upon the weakness of the downers, plundering trade ships and pillaging rising villages, kidnapping and ransoming aristocrats, and what ever other vile acts would earn them infamy, wealth, or power. Originally seen as an amusing annoyance or distraction at times, many aristocrats began taking heed as guild popularity continued to grow.

Fearing that the growing power and influence of these guilds would threaten their rule, the aristocracies banded together and created an international law attempting to limit the growing power of the social class now commonly referred to as “Steampunks” for their use of steam-powered airships and the guilds they were forming. This law, known as the Cease Unauthorized Punk Activity Order (or the CUPA Order as it is better known.) This order allowed the aristocracies to create their own versions of guilds as branches of their military power, and criminalized punks who worked outside these military organizations, and of course, would never consider letting “untrustworthy renegade mercenaries” into their ranks.

The CUPA Order was effective in eliminating the threat of guild as even the most well-established guilds began to dismantle themselves. Punks who continued their work and were caught were all executed as “treasonous pirate scum” (even those working directly for an aristocrat- ESPECIALLY those working directly for an aristocrat). Eventually, a small force of punks, refusing to give up their identities, declared war on the aristocracy in the Kingdom of Engea.

What followed was not a war, but a single battle, The Battle of Brasende. The punks assaulted Engea’s capital city with their obviously inferior force. Outmanned and outgunned, the punks charged in and laid siege upon the castle. To this day no one knows why, but just as the punks’ force seemed to have been all but wiped out, Queen Isabella stepped down, and her daughter, Princess-turned-Queen Isabella II, surrendered unconditionally.

In the aftermath of the battle, Isabella II hosted a summit for all the leaders to discuss the future rights of the steampunks. Louis Birch, commnader of the punk force at the Battle of Brasende attended on behalf of his kin. While the exact details of what occurred at the summit are unclear, the result was that Louis Birch was able to establish the League of Guilds we know today. The League would oversee and centralize guild control, while allowing it to remain in the hands of the punks. In addition, the League would remain a force independent from any nation, and be allowed to establish “Free Cities” centered around guild halls. In return, the League Guilds are required to follow a set of laws that govern their behavior, and reserve certain rights for the members of the aristocracy.


  1. Separation of Guild and State
    Under all circumstances, no guild may be allowed to participate in, influence, or affect in any way, the military, political, social, or economic power or authority structure of any nation or any city affiliated with a nation. Guilds may not accept jobs that would be deemed upsetting to the current military, political, social, or economic power or authority structure. In the event that any guild or one of its associates does not adhere to the Separation of Guild and State, it is then within the authority of the governing nation charge the immediate offenders with a capital offense, unless the responsible guild chooses to do so, instead. The governing nation also reserves the right to issue a request to the League of Guilds to request the disbanding of the offending guild and claim rights to its associated Free City.
  1. Equal Opportunity Contract Substantiation
    Under all circumstances, excepting those which would cause contradiction with the above or any of the following laws, guilds must accept job listings from any and all clients regardless of national, social, economic, religious, et al. conditions, regardless of the particulars of the job, so long as the client in questions can confirm the capacity to fulfill the requirements of his or her offered reward.

(More to come as we think of them)


The following is a listing of guilds belonging to the League

Clockwork Phoenix – A guild with its headquareters in Coppersail. A guild specializing in seeking, repurposing, and reverse-engineering Old World technology to rebuild using fluid mechanics and steam technology.

Gestalt- A guild with its headquarters in Hammerfall. This guild has a strong focus on exploration and adventure. They accept the most varied array of punks and believe that by encouraging each member to flourish in his own area of expertise there is nothing a Gestalt crew cannot handle. This is the guild the PCs belong to.

League HQ – Located in Freewind, they manage and oversee all activity within the League of Guilds.

Myrskyta – A guild with its headquarters in <city>. a guild devoted to bringing order and justice to the skies of Ticivorna. Masters of physical and aerial combat, they take jobs with a focus on hunting down dangerous wanted criminals.

Steamsoul – They say it cant be done, that without the lost secrets of magitech truly autonomous machines are impossible. That isn’t stopping this guild, headquartered in <city>, from pursuing such secrets and working to develop an automaton for the New World.

A link to the official League of Guilds Guildpunk Application Form


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