Glossary of Terms

This is a place where world-specific terms and colloquial language is defined. When adding terms, please keep them in alphabetical order!

Abyss, The – A term used to describe the world below the skies. Due to the impossibility of travel to it, no one is entirely sure what, if anything, now remains, but most consider those who fall to it dead.

Artificer – Anyone, generally steampunks, who studies Old World Technology.

Dive – An adventure consisting of exploring and looting Old World ruins

Diver – Any punk that specializes in locating and exploring Old World ruins

Downers – A term used, sometimes condescendingly, to describe the common people who rarely take to the skies, especially those who request jobs from the guilds.

Gear Jockey – A term used to describe a punk with an talent or penchant for tinkering and gadgeteering.

Guild – An institution where the best and brightest Steampunks gather. Guilds accept jobs from the general public and guild members select their own missions from among these job lists. Jobs generally include things that require specialized skill or equipment and tasks that are too risky or dangerous for the average person. Punks can belong only to one guild, and because of this guild loyalty and pride run deep in all members since most of them see the guild as a sort of extended family. A full list of Guilds can be found here.

Magitech – any piece of technology that combines both physical and magical properties or mechanics. The vast majority of Old World tech is magitech.

Maverick – Used to describe a punk or ship affiliated with a Maverick Guild

Maverick Guild – A guild that separates itself from the League of Guilds and associated by-laws and acts purely according to its own agenda. Maverick guilds are known to take jobs that The League would deem unsavory. Maverick guilds tend to have few scruples or ethics and are driven by greed and a lust for power rather than the sheer thrill of discovery.

New World – The land and civilizations of Ticivorna after the world was spared from destruction and lifted into the skies

Old World – The land and civilizations of Ticivorna before the events of the Cataclysm

Old World Tech – Artifacts, gizmos, and gadgets from the Old World. Because of their magitech origins and the highly advanced technology used to create them, they are often still both functional AND potent items.

Punk – See “Steampunk”

Reef – A large formation of relatively small rocks that create an area that is both dangerous and difficult to navigate for most crews.

Renegade – A punk who chooses to remain unaffiliated with a guild. Renegades are generally seen as troublemakers who have problems with authority and are regarded as less reliable than guild punks. However, renegades generally view themselves as more free than their counterparts who allow themselves to be bound by guild laws.

Stasis – A pattern of movements airships take when they need hold a relative position for a prolonged period using minimal fuel. Stasis patterns vary from ship to

Steampunk – Also called “Punks”, these are people who view the new world as a place of wonder and mystery. From the adventurous sky captain discovering ancient ruins and new lands to the brilliant, though often eccentric, engineers vying to stamp their name on the next big invention, every punk is driven by something that pushes them to deeds beyond what most can only dream of. Most eventually join a Guild to gain access to its resources.

Whale – A derelict ship full of potential treasures just waiting to be salvaged.

Whaler – Any punk that specializes in locating and looting whales

Glossary of Terms

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