Gestalt was founded on the 19th day of Sagittarius, year 152 Sky along with its home city Hammerfall by still-current guildmaster, Charles Finley. The island on which it was founded had long been in dispute over ownership between the Engean and Indynan nations. several small battles were fought over it until one day the League offered both sides a substantial sum of money to compromise and make it a Free City. No one is certain what prompted the League to take action, especially when it seemed to so openly violate the Separation of Guild and State, but the compensation was suitable enough to both sides that they each backed down quietly. Once the deal was signed, construction on the Free City of Hammerfall began, overseen by the man who would one day lead it to prosperity, a man known to most simply as Chuck.

After 3 years, the city’s construction was complete and permanent citizens began moving in, and Chuck began making plans for how he would run his new guild – let alone what he would name it. He decided that what this town represented was the “big picture”. Seeing things for what they truly were, without the borders normally placed on the world by society. The ability to see the unspoken, unwritten rules that everyone ascribes to and using them to push humanity forward. The ability to see an outline of a third option, when only two are defined. Chuck thought long and hard, and decided on the name Gestalt, both for the guild and for the philosophy of looking beyond what the world tries to make you see.

The Gestalt mentality grew, and the town’s population soared, as people flocked to the city in search of a new beginning and those deemed unworthy to be called Punks by other guilds gathered at the opening of the Gestalt Guild Hall. Only a small handful were turned down, and of them the only ones not currently rusting away in a prison are those rusting away in some hole as they hide from bounty hunters and authorities. While not all of those who joined Gestalt were destined for greatness, many were simply a little too green and given the right captain to learn under, those who truly chased their dreams were able to become fine punks.


“The open skies are owned by everyone, yet belong to no one” – Charles Finley, Gestalt Founding Speech

Public Appearance

While many fine punks have come out of Gestalt, its open-door policy of recruitment has allowed its share of less-than-exceptional punks into the fold. This has earned Gestalt a reputation as being somewhat unreliable because of their higher rates of failure on the job, especially due to death. Other guilds often look down on Gestalt members as Punks who couldn’t make it anywhere else. Certain groups of elitists hold a membership in Gestalt as even less than being a renegade.

Persons of Interest

Almira – The guild hall hostess and second-in-command when the guildmaster is absent. Despite her young age, she has been a part of the guild hall as long as anyone can remember. Whether she has ever actually been on a guild job is a common matter of speculation, but regardless of their stance on the issue, everyone regards her with an endearing respect.

Captain Ahab – One of the “S”-class captains of Gestalt. Ahab is a veteran whaler and his stout grey face and thick pegged leg are like a staple in the guild hall, excepting the times his thick red nose gets a whiff of some treasure. At that point his crew could be gone for months at a time, but when they return, well lets just say only two things are certain in this world: death and ol’ Ahab showing back up with a full payload of treasure and twice that many stories. Depite his thick-skinned demeanor and self-assuredness, his commands the utmost respect from his crew, and they often brag that they have never lost a man to the job, a claim most whalers would swear on their mother’s grave was an impossible feat.

Guildmaster Charles “Chuck” Finley – The first guildmaster and founder of both Gestalt and it’s home city Hammerfall. His age suggests to most that he was a punk in era before CUPA when the skies were said to be truly free; this, however, is merely one of many hypotheses on the enigmatic background of the guildmaster. When not attending to the affairs of his city, Chuck spends his days in the guild hall talking and drinking and celebrating nothing in particular with his fellow guildmates, in whom he inspires awe and encourages them to push beyond all boundaries. In spite of his experience and skill, to this day he remains as accident prone as ever, able to perform astounding stunts that would likely kill lesser men, yet never failing to pratfall when walking to the washroom.

Marcellus Greer Hardyng – A freelance gun-for-hire who has never settled with any crew in particular. He came to the guild several years ago, alone, with nothing but a fancy rifle and the torn cloak he was wearing. He tends to keep to himself, preferring to sit at an empty table waiting a job offer. Meanwhile he will polish his rifle or meditate on his cards while he sips at a glass of ale whose contents never seem to recede. Over the last few years, he has made a name for himself as a skilled sniper and gunner, and, contrary to his lone wolf demeanor, is commonly regarded as a good man to have at your side. His skill has earned him a personal guild rank of C, allowing him to take on up to 5 or 6-star missions, though he has yet to choose a mission himself.

Active Crews

Crew Name Ship Name Guild Affiliation Brief Description
Ahab’s Crew Pequod Gestalt A crew of punks from Gestalt that specialize in whaling especially dangerous targets. Their ultimate goal is find the legendary Moby Dick
Crew of the Tempting Fate Tempting Fate Gestalt A group of treasure-hunters from Gestalt, led by the guild’s newest captain, one Gerard Capashin


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