Features of the Sky

  • Cloudsea — A dense, permanent mass of clouds that is almost impossible to navigate well from inside
  • Crosswinds — The places where two Trade Winds meet
  • Islands — major landmasses of the world. Often home to ancient ruins or wild monsters, but also the only safe and stable places for humanity to settle.
  • Reefs — Shredded remains of landmasses floating in the sky. Too small to settle on but too big to move, and densely packed enough to make navigation almost impossible without serious damage to a vessel.
  • Shelves — Large landmasses stretching into the upper regions of the sky. No one has been able to successfully fly over one.
  • Trade winds — Major air currents that constantly blow through Ticivorna. While not easy to navigate, most experienced punks can handle simply passing through them with minimal trouble.

Trade Winds: the major air currents blowing through Ticivorna
Eastgale — West-to-East air current
Southern Stream — North-to-South current

Miscellaneous Islands

Ashurta’s Tomb Island – This island filled with Ashurtan ruins was once the burial ground of the tyrant magister-warlord Ashurta
Iron Fortress Island – Home base of the Schwarz Sturm Pirates
Ygdra Island – An island near Rustview used by Ashurta to select and train soldiers in his army.
Burning Eclipse Isle – A forest island in Russavea, home to the Burning Eclipse Tribe and Murkoorak’s Gauntlet.


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