The following is a list of cities in Ticivorna


Brasende – Capital city of Engea.

Freewind – A metropolitan city centered on League HQ

Coppersail – Trading city on the Southern Stream. Home of the Clockwork Phoenix Guild Hall.

Hammerfall – An industrial near the southern edge of Engea. It is home to the Gestalt Guild Hall.

Kingsport – A large commercial trading city belonging to the nation of Engea

Rustview – A city that was built on a floating plateau. Well-known as a manufacturing hub for the vast majority of airship components in Engea and for the Guilfoil Vineyards, which produces some of the strongest spirits in all of Ticivorna.

Solitude – A small farming town at the outer ring of Levidon’s borders.

Sunsail – A medium-sized trading city in Engea on one of the more fertile land-masses. Most important export is wine, owing to the large vineyards nearby. Has one of Engea’s largest universities, specializing in the physical sciences and medicine.

The following is a list of smaller settlements

Stormwatch – A small fishing town at the crossing of the Eastgale and Southern Stream


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