Gerard Capashin

Marcellus Greer Hardyng

Miles Cross

Myer Barnaby Whittaker

Robert “Breaker” Stormsail

Thaddeus Letchford

Ebenezer Simons

Silas Cage Freeland


Crew Name Ship Name Guild Affiliation Brief Description
Ahab’s Crew Pequod Gestalt A crew of punks from Gestalt that specialize in whaling especially dangerous targets. Their ultimate goal is find the legendary Moby Dick
Barly and Finster Sky Circus Ringleader Renegade A traveling circus with an ever-shifting, eclectic crew
Levidon 8th Battalion Fallen Star Levidon Royal Navy A standard Levidonian flagship. Captained by “Action” Jackson Braveheart
Steel Knuckles The Bethany Renegade A renegade group known for its terrible luck. All but the captain, Breaker, were lost whaling the Argos
Windriders The Windrider Renegade A group famed for whaling the Argos only to vanish without a trace
Terä tytöt Rautarouvan Renegade A group of young renegades infamous for causing trouble in the skies of Russevaea
Kaveri Ovela Valo Myrskyta Roving bounty hunters who travel the skies dispensing justice.
Steam Bandits Pandora’s Box Steamsoul A crew of over-the-top treasure hunters who are always looking for the next big score.


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