Burning Eclipse Tribe

General Info

The Burning Eclipse is a tribe of werewolves, vampires, and other outcast people and creatures that chose to recluse from the greater whole of society many centuries ago. fight. They do not stray far from there home, and have not explored beyond their native island since the Skylands rose.


The Burning Eclipse tribe has a widely mixed heritage featuring werewolves, vampires and even a small subset of humans. While some interbreeding does occur between them, it seems that most often the children will take on the features of their paternal race. Though the children all bear strong resemblances to pure humans, as they reach maturity their traits become more pronounced.

The vampires have elongated incisors, thin but athletic builds, and fair skin. The werewolves have heavy, muscular builds with medium-toned skin. The natural humans have darkly tanned skin and their often-calloused hands and feet are readily apparent. Most of the tribe shares the trait of dark or brown hair.


The Burning Eclipse are a reclusive, isolationist group, but are highly communal and open within their own society. Each member has a role to perform and is expected to perform it. They are wary with outsiders, but will behave hospitably so long as the visitors do not threaten the village and show respect for tradition.


The tribe speaks the common human tongue, though with an accent that emphasizes harsh consonants and short vowels.

Notable Individuals

Baba-Yaga Nimhuire is the village’s leader. She lives inside a large several-story hut near the center of the village.

The Skyguard are the village’s strongest warriors. They are comprised of humans who have tamed wyverns as their mounts.

Burning Eclipse Tribe

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