Breaker A34

Been a while since I’ve written—manacles make it hard to write. After a bit of wrestling with Brann, we managed to get him out of Kingsport. Managed to throw a fireball after I threw him out of the ship; magic aside the man’s got some fire in him. I’m looking forward to running into him again so we can finish that talkl. Some draugr bastard managed to grab the cord, though. I hate those things so damn much. Whenever draugr show up everything goes haywire. Every. Single. Time.

Anyway, after Brann left we had a chat with Fleet Admiral Algernon. He’s a great guy, everything a Navy man should be. He needed the head of Rustview to revoke the Zero Sum Order so we paid him another visit. It went pretty well, all things considered. Marcellus threatened to shoot him and he seemed pretty agreeable after that.

So, we’re being held in Kingsport’s maximum security prison—me, for kidnapping and murder (although I’d argue that it was self-defense, not murder); Marcellus for attempted murder (nobles are a spiteful breed); and Myer for magic of all things. I have no idea what that’s about. Sure, he’s got a fascination with the stuff but if he could cast a spell he’d have done it by now. Too many times he could have used the easy out.

I don’t understand why Engea’s so damn uppity about magic. Sure, it’s a powerful tool—our gear jockeys haven’t made anything that can fly an island yet (though Lugnut’s certainly tried). It’s just a shortcut, though—there’s nothing magic can do that we can’t accomplish with our own two hands. Not like we needed magic to drop that island. Magic’s just a cheap trick that lets people steal power they haven’t earned, but beyond that it’s not evil. At tool’s only as bad as the man holding it. If you’re going to fear anything it should be the power-mad arses who want to rule over people and there’s plenty of them who can’t cast a spell. Heh… if anyone saw this, I’d likely get burned at the stake (well, after they finished hanging me for my other crimes). It’s a pity we’re not in Indyna; for all their bluster, the Bakhists have a much healthier relationship with magic than this Inquisition crap. They see it for what it is and understand that you can’t just hide. Can’t fight something in the dark until you shine some light on it.

Anyway, after Tobias kicked in the door, knocked out the guards, and shook my hand we had a brief chat about things. Seems Silas is getting up to some sort of horrible mischief. When this blows up in our faces, I hope he manages to stay intact. Think of the orphans—where would they be without Zilaz?

Breaker A34

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