Breaker A28

Looks like the draugr are a bit ahead of us, and that’s not changing any time soon. Seems the Ashurtans decided that everyone else had to prove themselves worthy of dealing with. You know the drill: moving statues and arbitrary challenges. The Ashurtan scholar-kings seem like better people than the ones usually running these things, so that’s something.

We met Zaarani and Murkoorak. Z wanted us to prove our determination and was satisfied with a little sparring, while M wanted proof that we understood the responsibilities of power. Silas took care of that one; he surprised me with the speech he gave. He understands more than I gave him credit for and he was willing to call out a giant magical statue to its face.

Karruk and Myer had a debate about what it means to be alive. Silas thought of a good way to market it, and the captain took a nap. I can’t claim to understand everything he said, but I don’t intend to let that slow me down. I know what I’m here to do, and I intend to do it. Still, I’m glad there’s someone seeing the big picture on this crew.

Lurtaan challenged us to a test of brotherhood, pushing Gerard and I to fight to the death. After far too much grandstanding and a minor stabbing, I decided to take control of the situation and knock out the now-pantsless Gerard (although he managed quite a few dramatic moves in there). I then proceeded to knock myself out to try and force Lurtaan’s hand. When I woke back up, everyone was standing in the circle and we were as healthy as when we got into the room, so I guess we won.

All told, I got the Emerald of Determination, Silas got the Onyx of Responsibility, Myer got the Tiny Book of Wisdom, and Gerard (accepting on behalf of the crew) got the Fist-Bump of Brotherhood. Time to see a man about a crown… or hopefully just a map to the crown, since Ashurta’s been in there for at least a hour now.

Breaker A28

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