Breaker A27

Talked to the head noble of this pit of a town, Sirus Crozier (sp) . He seemed like a pretty good guy… I think you’d like him. He seems to understand the important things, not like most nobles. Anyway, that was a bust—no noble had any crown pieces in the city. Makes sense; that kind of treasure’d stand out.

We ended up taking a different approach—no true punks let an impassable obstacle slow them down—and talked to Proffessor Ebeneezer. He might be the only real person in Upper Rustview. He told us the history of the crown. Turns out it was put together by a bunch of kings, not just Ashurta, so each piece is probably in a different tomb. That saves us some headache, since it looks like Ashurta is heading to the tombs instead of trolling the skies looking for misplaced pieces.

the rest of this page is crumpled, like it was used to take hurried notes

Pieces of the crown are named after the Ashurtan King who added the bits to the crown. There are 5 pieces.

  • Karruuk’s Circlet, enhances mental capacity and was the basis of the crown
  • Lurtaan Cord, braided mithral/gold thread that grants protection

Twin Gems:

  • Zaarani’s Solitaire: Magical focus, makes it less tiring to cast spells. White gem, spherical
  • Murkoorak’s Core: Magical power—increases or grants magic power to those without it. Ebony gem, spherical
  • Ashurta’s Dagger: Increases magical power or can be used a magic weapon that reflects the user’s soul

Breaker A27

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