Breaker A26

This entry is scrawled in a distracted hand, more to get the thoughts on paper than to attempt anything more meaningful

Well, there’s another milestone reached: looks like I’m now wanted in Engea for the murder of 2 nobles. That’s a capital offense for each nation. I know we got Indyna sorted out… I wonder if Levidon’s still mad that we stole their princess? Probably. Didn’t they declare some sort of eternal manhunt? I remember hearing that they wouldn’t even let Myskyta get involved—something about national pride. I should ask Captain Gerard; he’s from there. At least this time I was actually involved—not like in Russevaea. I never touched that sacred tree, and hiring Myrskyta without even trying to talk was just rude. Well, At least you don’t have to bail me out of this one, Sky. We’ll have to see what happens… I think I’ll be riding this storm out on my own.

Anyway, we made our way into Upper Rustview and got some new clothes. If nothing else, Engea nobles know their fashion. It’s a pity Hawk wasn’t there to see it—it’s not every day I wear a suit. I think the last time was your concert, and that was over 3 years ago. Of course, not twenty minutes after I left the shop some noble fop challenged the Captain to a duel and ended up shooting me. Now the front’s all stained and there’s a missing button, and flesh wounds sting like a bitch. Ah well, it gives the suit some character.

Hopefully the Captain’s got enough of a reputation now that we can get some information. It’d be nice if we could avoid attacking anyone for at least an hour or two. Searching is a lot harder to do when there are guards harrasing you every few minutes.

Breaker A26

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