Alchemy is a specialized subset of chemistry that unlocks the magical power found in certain objects to create special elixirs and potions. The alchemy rules are in the Magic book, chapter X, starting on page Y.

It is a source of debate in Ticivorna whether practicing alchemy is actually magic or not. While it requires no magical skill or powers of its practitioner, he is harnessing magic in the substances he is working with.

Currently there are no national regulations on alchemy. It is taught in some universities.

Alchemy practices by major city


Alchemy is openly taught and researched at Sunsail Academy, Sunsail’s main university, fitting in with the Academy’s emphasis on the biological and medical sciences. Many potions are sold openly in the markets, though some are explicitly banned as they are in most cities (Stealth, Luck, Death, poisons).


Buying and selling potions, as well as supplies “intended to be used for alchemy” is illegal. While some alchemy ingredients are very normal and non-regulated, they may not be sold in a combination that could be used to make a potion.


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