This page lists notable vessels and relevant information concerning them.

Argos – A legendary ghost ship said to stalk the currents. As one of the legendary “White Whales,” it is a common topic among whalers.

Brain Diver – Captained by Tobias-Cudlahan of Clockwork Phoenix, this Lighter-than-Air vessel is capable of various “Tricks”

Elgamo – Captained by Thomas “Sky Wolf” Corchane of Myrskyta, this Jet ship boasts superior maneuverability and firepower.

Moonlight Renegade – A one-of-a-kind magitech-powered airship owned and piloted and crewed solely by Coldfire Claire

Peregrine Captained by Anne Faulkener of Steamsoul, this winged ship is boasts the power of several specially-designed Steam Walkers

rautarouvan – Jet ship of the Terä tytöt renegades.

Ringleader – Lighter-than-Air Flagship of the Barly and Finster Sky Circus

Tempting Fate – The Gyro ship piloted by the PCs.


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