Airship Customization

To a crew of punks in Ticivorna, their ship is their life, often in a very literal sense. In order to protect their lives, steampunks take great care to ensure their airships remain in tip-top fashion, and the best punks even go so far as to include upgrades as a regular part of ship maintenance. In fact, ships and punks are considered so closely tied that it is said you can rate the true grit of a punk by the quality of his ship. The following sections cover the customization mechanics for airships in Ticivorna.

All vehicles use the same format for skills. Different player skills are used to operate different types or parts of various vehicles

Vehicle Rating

Vehicles are build to enhance the abilities of humans who pilot them. Battlesuits make their controllers stronger, faster, and much more dangerous. Ships allow their crew to fly. And most vehicles behave similarly, but even among vehicles there are massive differences in power scales.

To adjust for power scales, vehicles have a Vehicle Rating, which behaves similar to weapon and armor ratings, except that it is added to contest rolls involving the vehicle, instead of the result, thus vehicles in the same category are effectively unchanged, while larger, more powerful vehicles overpower weaker vehicles which overpower normal people.

Additionally when making attack and defense rolls, the vehicle rating adds to the Armor Rating and Weapon Rating of the roll, applied as normal. The following chart shows various vehicle ratings and scale.

Some creatures may also use vehicle rating to represent the scale of their power

Vehicle Rating Examples
Average (1) Maintenance Suits, Light Construction suits
Fair (2) Security Battlesuits, Heavy constuction Suits, Fishing skiffs, Sailglider
Good (3) Military combat suits, Unarmed Delivery ships, Military Scout ships
Great (4) Most punk ships, Tempting Fate, Standard military fleet ships, specially-made suits (Such as those on Anne Faulkner’s ship
Superb (5) Levidonian Fleet Ships, Advanced Punk Ships Elgamo, Pequod
Fantastic (6) Military Flagships, Skyviathan, Moonlight Renegade, Barly and Finster Sky Circus
Epic (7) Dreadnaughts (Illegal in offensive warfare), Harrison’s Fleet
Legendary (8) Juggernaught-Class ships. All were dismantled as part of the treaty for the founding of guilds

Although vehicle ratings COULD go higher, there are currently no known vehicles that do.

Ship Aspects

Much like characters, every ship is unique, and has it’s own aspects that emphasize its history and the characteristics that make it special.

Name – Similar to the player’s High Concept, the Name of the ship defines the nature of its crew and its adventures. Some names are a title, others an ambition, and some are simply a way of life.

Acquisition – Ships are not cheap, and behind every ship is the story of where it came from. What had to be done to purchase it, steal it, build it, or fix-er-up. This aspect represents a crew’s bond with the ship, knowing it like their best friend – well enough that they can always count on it, and able to find a couple new surprises when it matters.

Temperament – From a stuck accelerator to a rusty rudder to just plain old bad luck, every ship has nuances that make flying it different, and likely to shake an unfamiliar pilot. Pilots who handle her regularly though, will be one with her temperament, flying it like an extension of themselves.

Construction – A ship is more than the sum of her parts, but they are still a part of her. The construction aspect can represent what it took to put her together, some special secret built into her, or perhaps what it is that holds her together.

Maiden Voyage – Assuming they survive, A ship’s maiden voyage will forever lay the foundation for every future adventure. Always fighting, seeking, learning, growing – whatever lessons are learned here are learned forever.

Ship Skills

Ships, just like players have an alotment of skill points to spend that must also follow the skill pyramid.

Ship skills and their trappings are listed below

Skill Trappings
Power Engine Strength Cargo Stress
Durability Engine Stress Engine Defense
Efficiency Fuel Usage Range stress track
Stability Acceleration Handling Maintaining Course
Speed Max Speed Chasing Evasive Manuever
Weaponry Aim Attack Weapon Rating
Integrity Hull Stress
Reputation Be Recognized Gain Entry
Armor Hull Defense Armor Rating


The party begins with their own unique ship, equipped with quarters and necessary facilities. The basic values of each type of ship are shown on the table below.

Vehicle Refresh Average Fair Good Great Extra SP
Basic Ship(LTA) 5 Integrity, Weaponry , Durability Efficiency, Stability 5
Basic Ship (Gyro) 5 Stability Power, Integrity Durability Efficiency 5
Basic Ship(Wing) 5 Durability, Speed, Efficiency Integrity, Weaponry 5
Basic Ship (Jet) 5 Power, Weaponry, Integrity Efficiency Speed 4


During the course of the game, as the players gain wealth, they will be able to find and/or purchase upgrades for their ship. These upgrades come in the same form as character advancement – additional skill points and refresh.


The crew may adjust the ship whenever it is in port during a milestone as per the normal advancement rules, except that skill points and additional refresh are awarded independently of character milestones.

Airship Customization

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