Statue of Lord Bralainn

A statue of an ancient werewolf warrior


The Lord Bralainn was one of the founding leaders of the Burning Eclipse Tribe. He was a guardian and a fearless warrior. He is also said to be the sire of the tribe’s werewolf bloodline.

Legends say that he died on the night of a great battle, beneath a blood red blue moon. Before his death, he imbibed himself with the great power such a moon creates, and his shifted body turned to moonrock on the spot, trapping his spirit within the world. Supposedly, on the night of the full moon, Bralainn’s spirit would walk the earth once more, keeping a wary eye open for those who would threaten the clan.

Currently, the crew of the Tempting Fate is under the employ of Baba-Yaga Nimhuire to locate and return the statue to the village.

Statue of Lord Bralainn

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