Murkoorak's Orb

One of the 5 pieces of Ashurta's Crown


Item of Power [ 2 or 1 ]

Innate Discount [ -2 ] – Reduces the FP cost of this item by 2. As an item, it can be lost or stolen.

Traditional Magic [ 3 ] – Grants the wielder the ability to use traditional magic. Tradition is chosen the first time the orb is used by a non-magical wielder.

Magic Enhancement [ 2 ] – Grants a wielder independently capable of magic the ability to use the gem as a font of power, either increasing the shifts power for a traditional or ritual spell by 2, or allowing them to trace and empower an additional symbol in a turn. This ability can be activated twice and recharges whenever a refresh occurs.

Unberakable [ 1 ] – The item is mystical in nature and cannot be broken, save through dedicated magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose. There are no known records of such a ritual for this item.


During the time before the Skylands, the God-King Murkoorak imbued his favorite gem with great power. Through a ritual of binding, he forged it into the great crown, further amplifying its strength.

It is currently believed to reside within the heart of Murkoorak’s Gauntlet.

Murkoorak's Orb

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