Lurtaan's Cord

One of the 5 pieces of Ashurta's Crown


Item of Power [ 1 ]

Innate Discount [ -2 ] – Reduces the FP cost of this item by 2. As an item, it can be lost or stolen.

Mystic Armor [ 2 ] – Increases the wielder’s armor value by 2.

Unberakable [ 1 ] – The item is mystical in nature and cannot be broken, save through dedicated magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose. There are no known records of such a ritual for this item.


Lurtaan believed in using his power to protect others. That will was imbued upon a mithril cord he always wore. Eventually Lurtaan used a ritual to fuse it’s magical energy to Karuuk’s Circlet, beginning the tradition carried on by the other god-kings of adding a single item of significance to the Great Crown during their reign.

Lurtaan's Cord

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