Grimoire Arcanabanum

A tome containing the secrets of the ancient Spellbreakers


By studying this text and practicing the movements, meditations, and techniques it contains, one can learn to fight in the style of the ancient Achanabanum to disrupt and counter the power of mages.

One copy of this book eventually found it’s way into the hands of Breaker, who would go on to form an organization of anti-magic warriors known as The Spellbreakers.

Item of Power
At the time of creation, choose a martial skill

Imparted Abilities
Spellbreaker’s Strike:


During the time before the Skylands rose, there existed a tradition of martial arts designed to allow non-magical to fight back against opponents wielding magic. Practitioners of this tradition were secretive and selective, teaching only a chosen few students its secrets, but those who mastered it were known as Archanabanum, or more recently, Spellbreakers.

Unsurpassed in martial skill, these soldiers specialized in targeting and eliminating powerful magics and mages using only martial techniques and a fundamental understanding of how magic is weaved. Oftentimes noble families would hire the Archanabanum to eliminate rival families or to guard against the threat of an Archanabanum sent against them.

The Grimoire Archanabanum is an ancient text written by the very first Archanabanum, known simply as “The First.” who believed that though magic was a wondrous boon for society, it would also be the cause of great destruction. He created the order as a means to create a force capable of defending the world from the dangers of magic. He created the Grimoire so that his lessons could be carried out through the ages, even in times beyond his passing.

As part of the training process, each student would create their own interpretation of the Grimoire, thereby translating its teachings with their own philosophy and personal style, and imparting some of its power into themselves through their understanding, making each student’s personal Grimoire a part of who they are. Because each grimoire is anti-magically sealed, they can only be copied by hand, making each a unique labor of love and expression from its author, especially since it is believed that these copies could take months or longer to make, and that those who made them continued to work on their unique grimoire their entire life.

Many too-eager students would often try to cheat the process by copying from their master’s Grimoire, but as they all quickly discovered, only copying an original version of the Grimoire would grant them the powers they sought. It was only the greatest masters of the art that could perfectly replicate the original, and these copies were kept strictly guarded at the Temple of The First.

While a number of student grimoires have been discovered by archeologists, no copies of the original Grimoire Archanabanum are believed to have survived the Uplifting, though a number of scholars have tried to recreate the original by deconstructing the lessons of the reinterpreted copies

Grimoire Arcanabanum

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