Breaker's Gloves


This is a pair of worn, heavy brown leather gloves with steel reinforcing. The gloves extend up to the middle of his forearm. A steel plate covers the back of the glove, with a smaller knuckle plate that can slide over it with the flick of a small lever on the side. This is a purely mechanical mechanism which shifts and locks the knuckle in place. The underside of the glove has a zipper pocket starting just below the wrist.

Weapon Stats:

Weapon Damage Reach Parry Weight ST Notes
Fine Steel Brass Knuckles thr cr C 0 2 Increased damage due to Karate

-1 to Break

Armor Stats:

Armor Location DR Weight LC Notes
Steel-plated gloves Hands 3 2 (3 w/stuff included) 4 N/A

Glove contents:
Left glove pouch: Fishing line (metal wire, 10 ft), collapsible hook, cake recipes
Right glove pouch: thieves’ tools, multi-tool knife


There is a tradition in the Steel Knuckles: on a member’s 25th birthday, the crew got together to get them a gift celebrating them growing up and their time with the crew. They chose 25th, y’see, because the oldest member, Hawk, was already 22 when the crew was formed. Each member of the crew received a gift in turn, something to help them along and commemorate a special memory with the crew. Breaker got his gloves to replace his old pair of knuckles, a beat up bit of steel he had with him from the founding brawl at the Clockwork Phoenix entrance exam. He lost them a month before his 25th birthday while diving an old ruin near the Cloudsea. The ruins seemed powered down when the Knuckles arrived, but their presence activated a long-dormant security system. This system sprang a trap when the crew entered the vault at the center of the ruins, sealing the door behind them with strange energy field. Although Lugnut and Flash were able to open up the door’s control panel, they accidentally triggered a secondary defense, and with an ominous “Foreign life-forms detected in the vault. Purging” the vault began filling with a sickly green light. Deciding that they needed to get out of that room immediately, Breaker threw a punch at one of the pylons supporting the door field. With a bright flash and a jolt of searing pain, the field fell and the crew was able to escape. Once they were back on the Bethany, Breaker realized that his old knuckles were gone, leaving only a badly burned outline on his hands. Deciding that he needed something between his hands and his knuckles, the crew made plans to commemorate his healing and his 25th by making a pair of gloves suitable for his brand of demolitions.
While the base components were bought in town, the mechanisms and pockets were added by the crew.
The fishing line and hook were a gift from Breaker’s father before he left; the recipes are his mother’s own, perfected over her years of baking and copied from memory. The thieves’ tools were Hawk’s gift to him, given years later after he learned the art of lock picking from her.

Breaker's Gloves

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