A custom rifle owned by Marcellus Greer Hardyng

weapon (ranged)

Alicia is a heavily-modified Lever-Action Carbine specially designed for high accuracy and custom-fitted to be used by Marcellus Greer Hardyng

Damage: 5d pi Acc: 6 Range: 450/3000
Weight: 8.0/0.1 ROF: 1 Shots: 6+1(3i)
ST: 10 Bulk: -4 Rcl: 2

Current Value: $2250


will be written later when i finish up writing all of Marcellus’ story. Suffice to say that he has put long hours into customizing this rifle and plans to spend many more perfecting it.

Also its just another item to add to the list of “and Thaddeus, if you touch this thing AT ALL it will be unloaded at your head”


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