Sinthar Triok

A young punk gun enthusiast from Gestalt


Originally Written by CyrelIzerius

The day was just about over, he sighed from a long day of working as he headed towards the closest bar. Before entering he patted off his coat, and looked at his reflection, after all he had to look decent for a small chance that a woman had happened to be there, he slid his goggles down around his neck and adjusted his bandana a little and walks in to the closest seat avliable. It was a pretty calm evening, not to busy, but not at all dead, he looks to the man at the bar and says ‘ey guy, is this seat taken?’ the man looks over his shoulder as he takes a swig of his ale, and says ‘nah, go ahead.’ ‘Thanks’ the man with the goggles said. ‘what can I get you today sir?’ the bartender asked ‘eh, just some rum I guess, thanks.’ The bartender didnt say anything, just smiled as he passed him his rum. He pushed his hair back, not that there were any ladies in the bar, just a force of habbit as he hears the guy next to him say something. ‘one more time guy, I didnt catch that’ ‘oh sorry, I said if you dont mind me asking, what happened to your leg, its umm…well just a peg’ ‘Dont ’ya think you should introduce yourself before asking a question like that’ ‘sorry, sorry’ he said ’i’m Rahl, Rahl Kantros’ the man with the leg said ‘ah, well nice to meet ya Rahl, i’m Sinthar Triok, now did you want the whole story, or just how it happened?’ ‘Wellll’ Rahl said as he pulled out his pocket watch ‘its a slow night, i’ve got nothing going on, I could hear the whole story.’ Sinthar nodded as he took a big swig of his rum ‘alright, I dont have anywhere to be either, whole story it is’

‘Well I was raised in an orphanage for as long as I could remember, don’t know who my real parents are, don’t rightly care either. I grew up with a bunch of different kids, watched ‘em come ’n go, no one wanted me I guess, I was the wildest one there…well maybe, there was this one guy, about 3-4 years older than me, and he was there just as long as I was, I looked up to ’im, like a brother almost, and he looked out for me, we were some of the few who actually stayed there.
All right so ’ere is about the leg.’ Rahl looked very intrigued by the story, just nodding every so often as sinthar told it.
‘So i’ve been interested in weaponry as long as I could remember as well. As a kid, a small one around 5 maybe 6 I dont remember. I was throwing stones and using sticks as swords with the other kids. We would play games when we were outside, pretendin like we were on an airship, like the adults were, some of us did it just for fun, some actually wanted to be steampunks. I know for sure that Tret and I did.’
‘Tret?’ Rahl asked
‘Ay sorry guy’ Sinthar said ‘Tret was the guy who was 3-4 years older than me, the one who looked out for me like a brother’ Rahl nodded, ordering another drink, and getting sinthar a rum seeing as his was getting low.
‘So tret and I were always doin’ this, no matter what, he was always the captain of the ‘ship’ whether it was a little playground when we were youngins or the small stage that was there. As we started getting older, we took it a little more serious, tret and I anyways. We would make plans for when we were old enough to get out, go find a ship, get out of here, live our lives in the sky with our crew. Around the time we were 9, well I was 9, he was 13. we were allowed to go out every now and again from the orphanage, I dont know how they kept track of us, or trusted that we werent gonna just leave, but tret and I always went together. We found a small junkyard, it seemed to be abanonded. so we searched we knew there had to be some kind of weaponry there from steampunks who just didnt want it anymore, who gave up that life, and like I said we were only allowed out about 2 or 3 times a week. so it took us both about a month ‘til we found something, an old blanket, but it was wrapped like it was concealin somethin. we opened it, and just our luck, we found 4 swords, and 3 guns. only 2 of each were actually in decent shape. So we needed to find a hidin spot somewhere in that junkyard where we could keep our treasure, it wasnt too hard, the junkyard wasw a decent size and it was abandonded. ’course you know that guns need ammo, we didnt have that, and had no way of getting it. So we would just practice with the swords.’
‘About a month later, I guess some guy heard the steel against steel. He came up, he was an older guy. He wore an eyepatch, a duster coat, slacks and boots. He said that we shouldnt be fightin ’ere, that we could get in trouble for it. We knew the risk though, and we were willing to take it. He had another idea though, he invited us to his home. We were young, stupid, we didnt know any better, so we agreed. This was a big mistake, just cause it was some older guy, talkin to 2 kids, but I guess he could see the determination in our eyes. We trusted him, and ya it may have been a mistake, but it was the best mistake 2 wannabe steampunks could ever make. He had a wide array of weaponry in his house, guns, swords, you name it, he had it. We told him our story, of how we lived in an orphanage, and we were only allowed out, certain days, between certain times, and this was fine with him. He told us that our training would start the next time we were allowed out as he walked us out of his home, offerin us water for our way back. Trent and I declined the water, but we said we would be back. We smiled the whole way back to the orphanage, we were gonna be trained, we didnt know better, but like I said before, it was the best mistake of our lives.’
‘Didnt you think it was weird though, an older guy saying to two kids to come to his house? I mean at that age I would have known better.’ Rahl stated. ‘Ya but rahl, you grew up with parents, they taught you right from wrong, I mean we didnt have parents, as far as we were concerned, and the elders at the orphanage, the ones who took care of us, didnt teach us to much about the outside world, they said once we were adopted we would learn.’ Rahl nodded
‘So our next time out we went to the mans house. He welcomed us in with a warm smile. He asked if we were absolutly sure that we wanted to do this, we looked at eachother and nodded. yes we said. He told us a little of his backstory, how he used to be a punk before his eye and arm were taken during a ship to ship battle he had with a rival ship. He was now our mentor, we never asked him name, we would just call him mentor, and the training began over the next couple years. We learned how to use swords properly, how to hold a gun, how to fire, I loved the gun, trent loved the sword. We knew that once we were able to get out of this orphanage, we would start our dream, find a ship, and just go out, adventurin. We did this for a couple years. Tret had earned the mentors old duster coat, me I got his goggles. when the elders at the orphanage asked about them, we just said we found them at the junkyard, they didnt really care, they just didnt want us stealin it from people or stores. The mentor said we could do what we want with what he gave us, Tret he cut the arms off his duster coat, said it would give him more mobility when we sprawled at the mentors. The arm he cut off, he cut even more, and wrapped it around my head said that this would make the goggles less steamy when I put em on my forehead. I smiled and the mentor was happy when he saw us, he knew that we were basically brothers, that we always had eachothers back, he said that was a big rule for punks, to trust and look out foreachother, and we were the first of our future crew. But than that dreadful day came, by now Tret was 17 he only had a year before he could leave the orphanage, me I was 13. some people came by the orphanage and we didnt think anything of it, I mean no one wanted us two, we were punks, or at least wannabe punks. they always went for the good kids. And than we heard those words ’TRET WOULD YOU PLEASE COME OVER HERE’ we looked at eachother fear in our eyes, as he slowly walked over. I heard tret yell ‘NO I WONT GO WITHOUT SINTHAR’ the elder and the people who wanted him said he didnt have a choice, he was trying to convince them now, sure we had rugged exteriors but we were both good kids. They said they didnt want scum like me, that I was nothing. I had all my limbs, i was healthy, I didnt know why they didnt. I was still young, as I saw tret packing i could see the pain in his eyes, he was just as sad as I was, but he was trying to be strong for me. He took off his duster coat before he left, it fit him now though so I was confused, he put it on me. ‘listen sinthar’ he said. my eyes started to tear up ‘I dont want to go, but i have no choice, be strong for me, and whenever you have the chance to go out, go to the mentors, practice with him some more, and when you are old enough to get out of here find me, cause if they see me ’ere they know that i’m probably gonna try to take you to come with me, and its not like i’ll be gone forever, i know the days we are allowed out, i’ll go with you to the mentors those days, so we will at least still be able to see eachother, and that coat, that’ll grow on you, youll be a true punk than, and when your 18 and you can get out of here, we will find our ship and be true punks, just like we dreamed’ I tried to stop crying, and i was able to for the most part, and I nodded at him, and waved goodbye as he we leaving, he did the same.
‘ah man that must have been tough, i mean you two were all you guys had’ Rahl said ‘you have no idea’ sinthar said ‘but we did see eachother at the mentors whenever I was out, so he was right about that, and we kept going, watching eachother getting older, and stronger, we trained and trained.’ ‘but wait.’ rahl said ‘why didnt the mentor adopt you two from the orphanage?’ ‘eh I guess i did skip that part didnt I? well the orphanage wouldnt allow punks, whether they still were, or they were done with that life, to adopt us, said they didnt want us kids to live that kind of life, ’cause he would’ve if he could.’ Rahl nodded once more.

Sinthar Triok

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