Clarence Pentecost

"Guild punks? At least they're domesticated. Renegades are just wild dogs that need to be put down."


A rail-thin, grey man with a dour expression permanently chiseled into his face.


5 Libra, 129 Sky: Born
147 Sky: Served with distinction in the War of 147
159 Sky: Take over the Howling Deeps prison mine
20 Sagittarius, 164 Sky: Earned the hand of Helena Kuusinen by running Howling Deeps for 5 years without a single riot or escape
12 Capricorn, 164 Sky: Participated (and was shamed) in the Kuusinen Incident


High Concept: I am the warden, and here I am the law.
Dream Absolute Order in the skies
Background I will get what I’ve earned
Rising Action Brave soldier boy
Crossed Paths Untroubled by petty morality
Crossed Paths 2 It’s not justice if you don’t go overboard


Good (+3) Intimidation Tactics
Fair (+2) Discipline Leadership Resources Long-Barrel
Average (+1) Observation High Society Investigation Scholarship(Law) Endurance Conviction

Stress and Consequences

Physical: [][][]
Mental: [][][]
Social: [][][]



I will have order: Intimidation gains the Cow Subordinates trapping, allowing Pentecost to use it to prevent followers from disobeying orders
Suppressing Fire: Pentecost has +2 leadership for the purposes of assisting a squad of riflemen in firing into a group of enemies
Aggressive Negotiations: Intimidation gains the Negotiation trapping, usable when Pentecost has a position of power

Base Refresh: 6
Final Refresh: 3


Clarence Pentecost

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