Skies of Ticivorna


Trial of the Four Kings


The crew dives into a long-forgotten tomb hidden deep beneath the gilded streets of Upper Rustview in search of Ashurta’s prize. But when they must prove themselves in the eyes of the four God-Kings, will they stand true? And with Ashurta’s army closing on the Lower Rustview haven, will they stand true in time to make a difference?

Journal Entries

Marcellus’s Journal – Act XXVIII
Miles’s Journal – Act XXVIII
Myer’s Journal – Act XXVIII
Breaker’s Journal – Act XXVIII
Silas’ Journal – Act XXVIII
Gerard’s Journal – Act XXVIII


Punk Character Points Other Rewards
Gerard Capashin 1
Marcellus Greer Hardyng 3
Miles Cross 1
Myer Barnaby Whittaker 5
Robert “Breaker” Stormsail 1 +1 best journal
Thaddeus Letchford 0
Silas Cage Freeland 3


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