Skies of Ticivorna


Moving on Upper Rustview


The crew of the Tempting Fate plans to infiltrate Upper Rustview in search of the crown piece Ashurta seeks, but when their plans runs amok, will they be able to find the artifact, or will they drown in undertow of their own machinations?

Journal Entries

Marcellus’s Journal – Act XXVI
Miles’s Journal – Act XXVI
Breaker’s Journal – Act XXVI
Silas’ Journal – Act XXVI
Gerard’s Journal – Act XXVI


Punk Character Points Other Rewards
Gerard Capashin 4
Marcellus Greer Hardyng 2
Miles Cross 1
Myer Barnaby Whittaker 0
Robert “Breaker” Stormsail 2 +1 best journal
Thaddeus Letchford 0
Silas Cage Freeland 3


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